Why Choose An Ultraframe Glass Conservatory Roof?

  • Engineered to reduce condensation and control temperature better than the nearest competitor

  • The most thermally efficient glass conservatory roof system on the market for lower heating bills 

  • Less mess and disruption – consistent quality whoever fits it

  • Peace of mind – it will withstand the most severe storms

  • Choice of uPVC or Aluminium

  • No leaks guaranteed

  • Any shape, any size, anywhere

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Is your conservatory boiling hot throughout the heat of summer?

Does your polycarbonate roof obscure the light on sunny days?

Are you tired of hearing rain noise when your trying to relax?

Is your conservatory roof looking tired and in need of renovation?

Has your furniture or carpet become discoloured due to UV penetration?

The Ultraframe system is the most efficient glass conservatory roof on the market.

Our glass roofs give you the feeling of being outdoors in the comfort of your home.

The Ultraframe glass conservatory roof eliminates almost all rain noise.

Once installed your conservatory is transformed into a beautiful living space.

We can save your furniture by preventing UV penetration through your roof with solar active glass.

Why A Glass Roof?

The Classic Roof stands as a tested, tried and loved conservatory design. This system has been refined and enhanced for over 30 years to deliver an unrivalled standard of quality that has been built upon traditional values.


Over 1 million of these roofs have been installed, which we think is a testimony to their quality. The glass used in your replacement roof will keep your room the perfect temperature; depending on the specification you use, it’s possible to exclude up to 83% of solar rays.

Glass Options

Choose from our range of coloured glass. Our glazing excels at limiting solar ray entry and will stop your room overheating. During autumn and winter, your replacement conservatory roof will stop warm air escaping.

For more information on the available colour options and different glass specifications please feel free to contact us.


Your glass conservatory roof will include many industry-leading features designed to improve performance.

Your new installation will include:

• Traditional or contemporary styling with a wide range of custom designs to suit your property

• Structurally designed to your postcode for peace of mind

• A made to measure state of the art conservatory

• Choice of uPVC or aluminium Classic Roof

• Thermally and structurally proven

• Made in Britain


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