Why Choose An Insulated Conservatory Ceiling?

• Cooler in Summer, warmer in Winter

• Lower air conditioning and heating bills

• Eliminate sun glare on TV and computer screens

• Reduce sun bleaching of furniture and carpets

• Dampen external noise such as heavy rain or traffic

• Cure condensation and mould issues

• Privacy - you will no longer be overlooked by neighbours

• Quality workmanship, value pricing

• Choice of ceiling finishes

• No need for planning permission

• Only 5% VAT on all insulated ceiling installations

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Is your conservatory boiling hot throughout the heat of summer?

Do you find your heating bills are excessive through winter?

Are you tired of hearing rain noise when your trying to relax?

Is your conservatory roof looking tired and in need of renovation?

Has your furniture or carpet become discoloured due to UV penetration?

Our insulated conservatory ceiling regulates the temperature 365 days a year.

Our insulation is so efficient most customers no longer need to use extra heating.

The insulated conservatory ceiling eliminates up to 80% of rain noise.

Once installed our insulated ceiling gives your conservatory a fresh and clean new look.

We can save your furniture by preventing UV penetration through your roof.

YBS SuperQuilt

The 19 Layer SuperQuilt is the highest performing multi layer insulation on the market. It fully complies to all current building regulations as it is the only multi layer insulation that carries a fire rating. YBS are so confident in their products they even offer a lifetime guarantee, meaning the thermal performance of our insulated conservatory ceiling never degrades.

Deeplas Plastics

Deeplas u-PVC products are second to none making them always our first choice for our installations. They are so confident in their products they offer a 20 year guarantee against discolouration, warping and Cracking. This gives you the peace of mind to know that our insulated conservatory ceiling is built to last.

Lighting Options

We can offer a wide range of lighting options for your conservatory. Our most popular configuration is L.E.D spotlights, they can be offered in a variety of colours and can be installed anywhere you would like. We also offer L.E.D mood lighting or if you wish we will install any pendant you prefer completely free of charge.  


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